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Imperial Point History

Imperial point featuring more than 1,500 original homesites was launched back in 1960 after Haft-Gaines acquired 640 acres in the area south of McNab road from Coral Ridge properties for $4 million.

Burt Haft and Jack Gaines, partners in a well known Southeast Florida building firm saw a void. Their idea for a North Fort Lauderdale development came about because they felt that the homebuyer who was in the market for a product costing between $17,000 and $30,000 was being neglected. That homebuyer, Haft-Gaines was convinced wanted plenty of persona and custom touches and they wanted a house in a locale they felt appropriate to their way of life. As a result Imperial Point was born.

However, there were some changes along the way. Sixty-five homesites North of NE 65th Street between NE 20th Terrace and NE 21st Avenue were excluded from Imperial point. The Pompano tomato farmers who owned the land sold to a competitor. That subdivision called Westfield formerly known as the West Tomato Fields has always been treated equally in value with Imperial Point homes. The only difference with Westfield homes is they have no sidewalks but have larger lots.

During a real estate downturn in 1962 Haft-Gaines sold off 160 homesites to raise capital. The land located South of NE 59th Street between NE 18th Avenue and NE 21st Avenue named Coral Highlands is also treated with equal value to Imperial Point. Again the only difference being there are no sidewalks.

Also removed from the original plans was Coral Ridge High School to be located one block North of NE 62nd Street, on the East side of NE 22nd Avenue. It’s possible the county removed the plans because of the number of preparatory private schools already in the area. The land today is host to Imperial Point’s park and playground as well as plenty of green space. By 1966, one thousand homes had been built with another 250 were under construction. In the end, a total of 1,386 homes were built.

In addition to Imperial Point, Haft-Gaines are the developers of The Landings. A luxury community between Federal Highway and the Intracoastal Waterway as well as Bay Colony a community of estate sized waterfront homes. Imperial Point is one of the most sought after communities in all of Fort Lauderdale.